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Balanced Health was founded in 2022 by Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Susan Federico. Susan received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina and has worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of healthcare settings for more than 25 years. Susan received her graduate degree as a Nurse Practitioner from Georgetown University, with a specialty in Women’s Health. One of the driving factors that led Susan to specialize in Women’s Health was in interest in improving the quality of life for women across the lifespan through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Although Susan specializes in Women’s Health, she is also trained to improve men’s health by working to optimize testosterone levels.

“At Balanced Health, it is our belief that hormone therapy is not one size fits all, and that everyone deserves an individual approach to hormone balancing.”

Because we are confident that we can help you improve your health and feel like yourself again, Balanced Health offers a complimentary 15 min virtual consultation to see if our practice is the right fit for you.

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To get started with our practice we recommend either scheduling a complimentary 15-minute one-on-one discovery call or attending one of our virtual discovery events. During your consultation we will listen to your concerns and give you an overview of our practice philosophy and provide you with education about balancing your hormones. If you feel our practice is the right fit for you, we will send an order for lab work to the lab of your choice and schedule your first in-office visit. During your first in-office visit, we will review your lab results, give our recommendations, and discuss your options for hormone replacement therapy.

We are dedicated to providing you with an individualized plan of care that we are both comfortable with. We will never push you into a decision that you are not ready to make. Our goal is to help you get well and stay well! It is our hope that we can walk along side you during your hormone health journey!