Testosterone Optimization for Men

Men, you have hormones too!

Most of us know that the primary hormone that drives men’s health is testosterone. As in women, testosterone declines as men age. This decline in testosterone in men is called Andropause.

So what is Andropause?

Testosterone is produced primarily in the testicles in men and plays a central role in a man’s appearance and sexual development. Testosterone stimulates sperm production, stimulates libido, and supports bone and muscle mass. Research has found that testosterone has a protective effect on a man’s health. Low levels of testosterone are associated with increased risk of chronic disease and all-cause mortality. Though testosterone is so vital to a man’s health and wellbeing, it is also a casualty in the process of aging.

When a man reaches his 30s, testosterone levels begin to decline, dropping by approximately 1 percent each year. The period of time when a man begins to experience symptoms of low testosterone—most often in his late 30s to early 40s—is also known as andropause. By the time a man is in his 70s he has only a fraction of the testosterone he had in his twenties, making him susceptible to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and several other preventable chronic diseases.

Options for Testosterone Therapy

Creams and gels are preferred by some patients for their ease of applications and are a common delivery method.  However, it is important to know hat the risk of transference is high – higher than any other delivery method

Injections are preferred by some patients because they may be administered at home.  Although convenient, injections can lead to highs and lows during the treatment cycle and may leave patients feeling uncomfortable between doses.

Pellet therapy is a method of delivery that dates back to the 1930s and offers convenient and effective treatment.  A tiny pellet about the size of a grain of rice is inserted under the skin and is slowly metabolized over 5-6 months.  This method of delivery is vastly similar to the natural cycle of the human body.  There is no risk of transference, no daily application, and therapy is administered in even doses, avoiding highs and lows. See more info below…

Nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical-grade supplements) are an important part of supporting hormone optimization. For example, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc have been linked to promoting healthy testosterone levels.  Nutraceuticals are essential to promote increased uptake of testosterone as well as support natural improvements in hormone levels

Research shows that a higher-fat and low sugar diet can support healthy testosterone levels. Fatty fish, like salmon, dark leafy greens, like kale and spinach, avocado, eggs, and berries top the list of foods that support optimal testosterone levels.

Physical activity of any kind is beneficial to better health, but it is well known that resistance training and/or weight bearing exercise promotes both long- and short-term boosts in testosterone.  Afternoon workouts offer the most effective boosts in testosterone.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Men

Pellets are the preferred method of delivery for testosterone replacement therapy due to the ease of administration, no hassle dosing and reduced risk of side effects.

Insertion is a simple in-office procedure that quick and virtually painless. During a short, in-office visit, your provider will insert a pellet, about the size of a grain of rice into a small incision made in the upper hip area. The incision is so small, it can be closed with a piece of tape. Once inserted, the body begins to slowly metabolize the pellet, releasing a steady dose of hormone over the course of 5 to 6 months, closely mimicking the body’s natural hormone secretion process. This feature ensures a consistent dose of hormone throughout the treatment cycle, eliminating the dramatic spikes and crashes in hormone levels that commonly occur with pills and injections.

In 2009, the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” published a study analyzing the data from studies of pellet therapy as far back as December of 2003 through April of 2008. The study focused on male subjects and found that of 86 percent of the patients were satisfied with the improvement of their symptoms and the ease of the insertion. No patient that followed post-insertion directions experienced any adverse side effects, such as infection or pellet extrusion. Testosterone delivered by pellet implant, has been used to treat migraines, incontinence, urinary urgency and frequency. Testosterone has been shown to increase energy, relieve depression, increase sense of well-being, relieve anxiety, and improve memory and concentration. Testosterone pellets increase lean body mass (muscle strength, bone density) and decrease fat mass. Adequate levels of testosterone are necessary for optimal mental and physical health and for the prevention of chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, which have been associated with low testosterone levels.

Men, it is time to take a closer look at your testosterone levels—your health and wellbeing depend on it!

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